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GENERAL TECHNOLOGY Ltd is a Commercial and Technical Company which represents exclusively in Greece the Swiss Company SAUTER.GENERAL TECHNOLOGY Ltd has been experienced for many years in designing, engineering and distributing products for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installations, as well as control and automation systems for all kind of buildings.

Our executives, sales and technical staff own a high level of knowledge and experience, proving that they can offer the whole range of SAUTER products and systems accompanied by high degree supporting services.We can design, install, program, start-up, test and fine tune products and systems, in order to put the installation into operation with our guaranty, maintenance, further development renewal or expansion of systems, possible integration of existing systems or subsystems and in general terms any relative service, support or guidance the client requests.GENERAL TECHNOLOGY Ltd and SAUTER can undertake the responsibility to design, install and operate from a simple controller to large complex of buildings and applications with high level requirements and specifications.

SAUTER has its head-offices and factory in Bassel-Switzerland and it is a worldwide known pioneer company established in 1910, with high experience specialized exclusively in components, devices, instruments, electrical, electromechanical, pneumatic and electronic control systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning for commercial and industrial applications in Building, Automation and Energy management systems (BMS). SAUTER products cover a very large range of the relative applications, such as electronic time-switches, on/off controllers (thermostats, pressure switches, flow switches, e.t.c), sensors and transducers,electronic individual controllerselectric and pneumatic drives, control valves, Building Management Systems, communication

protocols for horizontal or vertical integration of other subsystems, like BACnet, LONWORKS, MODBUS, e.t.c.

SAUTER is involved in research and design, developing quality products, that manufactures in its own facilities in Bassel, for all control applications, like home automation, office buildings, hospitals, banks, hotels, sports halls, conference and commercial buildings, music halls, e.t.c, throughout Europe and worldwide for every human activity.