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AXT 111: Thermal drive for unit valves, with stroke indicator
How energy efficiency is improved
Reliable actuation in efficient control systems.
Areas of application
Actuation of through and three-way unit valves in the VUL, BUL, VXL and BXL series. For controllers
with switching output, 2-point control or quasi-continuous control with 'pulse-pause' signal in combination
with intelligent unitary control systems.
  • Pushing force 125 N
  • Fits onto valve with M30 x 1.5 thread
  • With extension element 230 V, 110 V or 24 V
  • Position indication in drive housing
  • Can be changed from NC to NO
  • Suitable for retrofitting existing installations using an appropriate adaptor
Technical description
  • Housing made of self-extinguishing plastic, pure white as per RAL 9010
  • Connection with valve using nickel-plated brass nut or plastic bayonet connector
  • Connecting cable, white, standard length 1.2 m, 0.5 mm² up to 2 m or 0.75 mm² over 2 m cable length
  • Running time for 4.5 mm stroke: 3 min
  • Installation position: vertical to horizontal, but not upside down


SKU: AXT111F212
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