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Smart Buildings at a glance

General Technology Ltd offers a holistic solution regarding Building Energy Management Systems from the bottom at the field level up to the top at the management level. Our products range from management software for energy management and building control to automation stations and system components such as valves, actuators and sensors. 


General Technology Ltd is a Commercial and Technical Company which represents exclusively in Greece the Swiss Company SAUTER. SAUTER has its head-offices and factory in Bassel-Switzerland and it is a worldwide known pioneer company established in 1910, with high experience specialized exclusively in components, devices, instruments, electrical, electromechanical, pneumatic and electronic control systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning for commercial and industrial applications in Building, Automation and Energy management systems (BMS).

SAUTER modulo 6

 Automation Stations with Targeted performance
for IoT architecture

Modulo 6 is the high-end building management system from SAUTER. With new automation stations and a new system topology, modulo 6 offers extended flexibility and scalability. The SAUTER modulo system family covers all applications in regulation and control technology from HVAC, building and energy management to flexible solutions in integrated room automation. Welcome to the age of BIoT, Building IoT.

modulo 6 moves the digital transformation of building automation one step further. The standard communication of modulo 6 is based on the standard BACnet/IP protocol. The security by design policy, following the
IEC 62443 standard, is a key attribute of the modulo 6 development, resulting in a set of hardware and software features, all oriented to make the use of modulo 6 as safe as possible.

SAUTER Vision Center

Central building management and visualisation of decentralised installations

SAUTER Vision Center (SVC) is a web-based building management solution in the HTML5 standard for running and visualising the building operation. SVC is suitable for both larger single buildings and entire real estate parks or distributed premises.

Typical areas of use are office complexes, business parks, college and industrial campuses, airports, railway stations, hospitals or internationally distributed branch networks. The modular concept allows the software to be extended precisely to meet the customer requirements of every installation. Therefore, SVC gathers all of the data for the entire building and energy management and makes it available to the user from anywhere at all times.

SAUTER moduWebVision

 Web server for moduWeb Vision and BACnet networks

moduWeb Vision makes it easy to operate building automation systems. Using this compact, web-based visualisation solution, which is also available with the option of being fully touch-optimised, you can operate your systems from anywhere.
Its performance, stability and user-friendliness make moduWeb Vision a cost-effective, uncomplicated solution. Particularly in small and medium-sized facilities, such as schools and branch-based operations like banks, hotels or supermarkets, moduWeb Vision reduces your operating expenses.

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