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BUD: Flanged three-way valves, PN 6 


How energy efficiency is improved 

Precision control with high level of reliability means efficiency. 


Areas of application 

Continuous control of cold and hot water and air in closed networks (Air humidity must not exceed 75%) and flow temperature in heating systems. Water quality as per VDI 2035. Together with actuators AVM 105, AVM 115, AVM 124/125, AVF 124/125, AVM 234S, AVF 234S and AVN 224S as regulating unit. 




  • Nominal pressure 6 bar 
  • Control valve, contains no silicone grease; painted black 
  • Nominal diameters DN15 to DN100 
  • Equal percentage characteristic, adjustable with SUT actuators to linear or quadratic Y07545 
  • Linear mixing passage characteristic 
  • With the spindle retracted, the valve is closed 
  • Can be used as control valve or diverting valve Technical description AB B B01134a A AB B B01139a A 
  • Valve with flange connection as per EN 1092-2, Form B, raised face 
  • Valve body and seat made of cast iron 
  • Stainless steel spindle 
  • Nominal diameter DN15 to DN50 cones in brass with glass-fibre reinforced PTFE sealing ring 
  • Cone nominal diameter DN65 to DN100 in brass, metal-to-metal seal 
  • Stuffing box made of brass with wiper ring and double O-ring seal in EPDM


SKU: BUD065F200
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