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EQJW 135: Heating controller for boiler control systems, equitherm


How energy efficiency is improved

Weather-dependent control of the boiler temperature and integrated automatic cut-off for the heating to save energy 



• Weather-dependent boiler- and/or supply-temperature control, and drinking water circuit in buildings of all kinds 

• Convenient to use with modern operating concept (turn and press) and large LCD 

• Communication via Modbus RTU or proprietary device bus 

• Convenient weekly and calendar switching programmes with optimisation of switching times 

• Automatic summertime/wintertime changeover 

• Limitation of boiler temperature and function for boiler start-up relief 

• Min./max. limitation of supply temperature and maintenance of return temperature 

• Frost-protection facility and anti-jamming function for valve 

• Screed curing (floor-drying functions) 

• Function for protecting against legionellae 

• Connection of room temperature via room-temperature sensor or room operating unit 

• Ni1000 inputs for the outside, supply, boiler, DHW, return and room temperatures or for room operating unit 

• Relay output for activating control units and pumps and for enabling burner levels, additional multifunctional relay output 

• Manual mode 

• Logbook 

• Notification by text message 

• Electrical connection in baseplat




SKU: EQJW135F001
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