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ERA 10, 20: PI fixed-value controller


How energy efficiency is improved

Rotary knob on device itself for easy adjustment of setpoint. Areas of application Electronic control of temperature, humidity or other physical variables with appropriate transducers (e.g. Ni200 temperature sensor, pot200 potentiometric transmitter or a standard current signal).



• Easy to operate thanks to analogue user interface

• Can be adjusted for setpoint and P-band

• Interchangeable scales Technical description

• Standard housing 144 x 72 mm, as per DIN43700 in light-grey thermoplastic

• Analogue input Ni200 or 0 - 1 mA

• P or PI control

• 3 point output and analogue output 6.2 mV/K

• Suitable for fitting on walls and for incorporating into panels


SKU: ERA10F001
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