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EY-AS 524, 525: Modular automation station, modu524/525


How energy efficiency is improved

SAUTER EY-modulo 5 technology: modular, fast and universal



• Part of the SAUTER EY-modulo 5 system family

• Modular automation station (AS)

• Regulation, control, monitoring and optimisation of operational systems, e.g. in HVAC engineering

• 26 inputs/outputs

• Expandable with up to 3 modules (modu524) or 8 modules (modu525)

• BACnet/IP communication (EN ISO 16484-5)

• BACnet profile B-BC

• AMEV profile AS-B (modu525 only)

• Integrated web server

• Programming/parameterisation via PC using CASE Suite (based on IEC 61131-3)

• Control libraries

• Time and calendar function

• Predictive control based on meteorological forecast data

• Data recording

• Can be equipped with local operating and indicating units, located up to 10 m away

• Alive signal output pulsed


SKU: EY-AS525F001
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