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Rack 3 slots


EYU, 109: nova106, Rack for modular automation station


Together with the appropriate cards, the EYU109F001 rack forms a modular automation station, which can be equipped in accordance with the user's and the plant's exact requirements. The rack holds 11 plug-in cards, comprising a UPS card, a processor/power-supply card plus 9 function cards. On the rack's motherboard are the terminals for the network connection of the plant-device and novaNet connections. Also located on this print are the transformer, a fuse, the on/off switches, the RJ-11 (6/4) novaNet connection sockets and the bus. Sixteen terminals are assigned to each slot. The plant devices (potential-free contacts, temperature sensor, motors etc.) are connected to these terminals, providing 60 hardware addresses.


SKU: EYU108F001
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