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NRT 105: Electronic fan-coil controller, equiflex 


How energy efficiency is improved 

ECO Meter for displaying the current energy consumption and digital input for the change-over between presence and absence 



• Individual single room, apartment and zone temperature control in 2- and 4-pipe systems for heating, cooling or heating/cooling 

• Automatic activation of the valves (heating/cooling) 

• P controller with pulse-pause or analogue output (0...10 V) 

• Measurement of room temperature by either integrated or external temperature sensor 

• Input for C/O signal 

• Easy to use with frontal keys and large LCD 

• 3-speed fan control with configurable on/off switching points for each level 

• Frost-protection/anti-overheating functions 

• Hours-run meter


SKU: NRT105F061
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