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NRT 107: Room- and supply-temperature controller, equiflex 

How energy efficiency is improved 
Analogue input for shifting the setpoint depending on the outside temperature, and integrated timer for the individual programming of the changeover between normal mode and the mode with reduced temperature 
• Room temperature-based control (heating, cooling, heating/cooling) of individual rooms in 2- or 4- pipe systems 
• Activation of actuators, pumps and fans 
• Optionally P control, PI control or P-PI cascade control with 2-point, pulse-pause or floating point outputs for 2- or 4-pipe systems 
• Choice of 8 basic control models for various application options 
• Inputs for dew-point monitoring, for c/o signal, for shifting the room temperature setpoint and for the supply temperature 
• Programmable input, e.g. for presence/absence detector, window contacts, fault indicator and for cooling lock 
• Measurement of room temperature by either integrated or external temperature sensor 
• Easy to use with frontal keys and large LCD 
• Integrated timer for weekly and calendar switching programmes with 3 temperature levels 
• Automatic summertime/wintertime change-over 
• Outputs for control units, pump and pilot timer 
• Frost-protection, protection against overheating, anti-jamming function for pumps and valves 
• Electronics in attachable housing 


SKU: NRT107F031
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