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NRT 300: Electronic air-conditioning controller, heating/cooling, equiflex 

How energy efficiency is improved 
Key directly on device for individual changeover between presence and absence 
Areas of use 
Individual unitary control and zone control (heating, cooling, heating/cooling) e.g. in air conditioning systems (2- or 4-pipe systems) in hotels and residential and business spaces. 
• Air-conditioning controller for 2- and 4-pipe systems (heating, cooling, heating/cooling) 
• Measurement of room temperature by either integrated or external temperature sensor 
• Saves energy costs by means of presence/absence key and rotary knob on front 
• Inputs for C/O signal, changeover between presence and absence, dew-point monitoring and setpoint shift 
• Choice of P or PI control with 2-point, pulse-pause, 3-point or outputs (0...10 V) 
• LED indicator 
• Servicing level with adjustable control parameters 
• Frost-protection facility 
• Electrical connection in baseplate 
• Electronics in attachable housing


SKU: NRTK300F001
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