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VXL: Unit through valve


How energy efficiency is improved

Absolutely no losses through leakage, therefore energy consumption minimised.


Areas of application

On-Off valve for regulating heating zones, air secondary-treatment appliances and fan-coil units in combination with thermal unit valve drive AXT 211, continuous drive AXS 215S or motorised unit valve drive AXM 117(S).



  •  Nominal pressure 16 bar or as per DIN 3841 10 bar
  •  Nominal diameter DN10 to DN32
  •  Linear characteristic
  •  Adjustable kvs value in case of DN10 to DN15 standard version
  •  Standard valve and angle valve version
  •  Nominal diameter DN25 and DN32, decompressed
  •  Inlet female thread and outlet with box nut and connection nipple, conical seal (Euroconus) as per DIN 3841
  • If the spindle is depressed, the control passage is closed Y07544
  • Closes against the pressure Technical description
  • Valve body made of gun metal, DN10 to DN20 nickel-plated A AB B01591
  • Stainless steel spindle
  • Cone with soft seal made of EPDM
  • Stuffing box with double O-ring seal
  •  Valve fitting width as per DIN3841-T1 Type Nominal diameter DN kvs-valu


SKU: VXL025F200
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